Sour Patch Relationships

Sour Patch relationships. Thank you Nick Viall for this phrase. And yes, I love the Bachelor franchise. Team Nick forever! (plz love me).

Moving on from my desperation, let's dive into this topic. Think of everyone's favorite gummy candy. Sour Patch Kids! If that's not your favorite, you've either never had them orrrr something else is seriously wrong. (Jk, jk comment below what your favorite gummy candy is!)

Sour Patch Kids: first they're sour, then they're sweet! But they're also super addictive. You cannot have JUST one handful. You'll eat those suckers until your insides start to burn away. AND YOU LOVE IT. There does come a point where you'll think to yourself "man, I've got to stop eating theses things!" but then the next day you go to your friend Kim's house and she has one of those huge bags and then the two of you completely devour the whole entire thing. Am I right or am I right?

Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in Sour Patch relationships though. We're with a person that makes us feel good part of the time, but then kinda destroys us from the inside out too. BUT WE KEEP GOING BACK FOR MORE. Why? Because we love them more than anything else and they're so good and addictive! And we forget about the part where they make us feel like garbage.

Here's the thing though: most of the time when we're dealing with Sour Patch, we know in the back of our minds that they kinda suck. Don't get me wrong they feel so right on the surface, but they're not healthy, they don't actually make us feel good, and they're only fun for a little bit. We know whether we're eating SPK or if we're in a SPR (see what I did there?) that they aren't good for us.

I didn't know it then (because Nick Viall hadn't told me yet), but I have definitely been in my fair share of Sour Patch relationships. (Hi Matthew, Kevin, and Austin! Wow, yeah, I really just did that.) These fine fellas knew they had me in the palm of their hand and I didn't see it. They were the best thing since the last best thing and I was living for it!

Looking back on these relationships tough, I realize just how bad they were for me. They weren't all bad people though (debatable on some). They were fun, exciting, and cooler than me, but they were emotionally neglectful, not invested, and made me feel pretty down about myself. I present to you: a Sour Patch relationship!

Luckily, your girl realized her self worth and finally started putting herself first. I'll always have a special place in my heart for those relationships and those guys. But it's about time to find myself a guy who isn't sweet and sour all the time! (Call me, Nick!)

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