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What I Learned from Boudoir

You're intrigued- I know it. Who wouldn't be a little bit curious about boudoir!? In case you aren't familiar though (you are, you just don't realize), boudoir is a style of photography and modeling that allows womxn to sensually express themselves in an empowering way. Think: almost nakey ladies. Hot, right?

I was barely 22 when I did my boudoir shoot and I will say, I was equal parts excited as I was nervous. Part of me was wondering who the heck I thought I was! The other part was screaming "you go, girl!" When the day came, I woke up early (from the nerves) and then spent my time pampering myself getting ready. I walked out the door feeling fly as fuck.

When I got to the studio, it was just me and the photographer. I stripped down to my skivvies and we got to work! (When I say "we" I mean my photographer got to work and I gladly took all the direction I could get). I had no idea what I was doing! And why would I? Nobody knows how to do anything perfectly the very first time.

My photographer guided me through our session, but what I took from it was beyond anything she could've taught me in 1 hour. Here are the things I learned from boudoir:

*I'm kinda hot!

*Womxn can own their sexuality and sensuality. In fact, it's awesome!

*Our bodies are beautiful. Any and all of them in their own unique ways.

*I don't need to be ashamed of my little butt or my stretch marks or the way that I can't do a sexy face.

*It is empowering to fully embrace your feminine.

*Taking a risk can be exciting.

*It is not wrong for womxn to show their bodies however they feel comfortable doing.

*We all have our comfort zones, but many times it is rewarding to step outside of them.

*I can be scared of something and do it anyways.

*I can do things for me.

*I have permission and power to love myself in all of my forms.

And now, what you've all been waiting for!........Here are some of the shots from this experience. I hope you will take some empowerment away from this and maybe even schedule something outside of your own comfort zone. It feels good to be a bad ass!

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