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My Offerings

Business and Life Coaching

One on One Business Mentoring

Are you in the initial stages of making your business dream a reality? Do you need extra guidance, advice and expertise to guarantee success? I'm your girl! With a degree in Entrepreneurship and a background in Life Coaching, I can confidently guide you towards your million dollar idea!


Women's Business Accelerator

Looking to connect with other boss babes like you? This is your group! The Women and Business Collection is a community of women in various stages of their businesses who seek connection and empowerment. Gain insight into your own business process while also making your personal wellness a priority. It's like an epic networking slumber party with your best friends!


Women's Empire Community

The Women's Empire Community is for those of us that are looking to up our mental health game, gain confidence and make lasting connections with like minded women. This group tackles topics such as body image, mental health, motivation, overall wellness and relationship success. You can expect a positive, supportive community of women with this lifetime membership. Oh and did I mention the FREE monthly masterclasses!?

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